Steven Goh

Episode 5 - Steven Goh

This week we are joined by Steven Goh the founder and CEO of mig, a global digital media company that is probably best known for it's chat application migme. On the show we cover Steven's early career in banking, his thoughts on fund raising, Taylor Swift's online presence, and the Singapore startup environment.

Show Notes:

  • Tell us the story about how you got into entrepreneurship?
  • When did you start your first business?
  • How did you juggle coding and management?
  • At what point in the growth of mig did you decided to raise money in Silicon Valley?
  • When making the move to Singapore, what was the core product value at that time?
  • What was the company culture at the time of the move?
  • What are the personality differences between the valley and the MNC hires you made in Singapore?
  • Knowing what you know today, what is your advice for fund raising?
  • Where regionally is the best to raise money?
  • What's your day to day like?
  • What market excites you the most for mig?
  • How are you monetising mig right now?
  • Have you played around with the recent video live streaming platforms e.g. Meerkat, Periscope, etc.?