Pieter Walraven

Episode 2 - Pieter Walraven @Pie

Our second episode stars Pieter Walraven of the chat for work application Pie. Pieter and I discuss his background in the casual gaming sector and his absolute focus on UX/UI for the consumer. Avid followers of Product Hunt will recognise him as an active hunter from Asia 

This podcast is sponsored byThe Working Capitol (Singapore‚Äôs premier Co-Working Space for Knowledge Workers) . We produced and recorded Startup Frontiers at The Working Capitol. Every guest on the show is impressed with the space and facilities.  This is not just office space, they are building a community here.  If you are looking to start your team or relocate, put The Working Capitol on your list. www.theworkingcapitol.com   

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Show Notes

  • How did Pie come to life? - 2:10
  • Experience in chat - 3:37
  • Pie vs the competition - 4:38
  • Must have experience for the user, "A-ha!" moment - 6:11
  • User on-boarding "tiny stuff that has a huge impact" - 8:25
  • Tools for measuring user interaction - 9:40
  • Targeting knowledge workers - 10:35
  • Never having an empty screen - 11:53
  • Singapore's entrepreneurial spirit - 15:25
  • Recruiting great talent in Singapore - 16:15
  • Pieter's day to day focus - 18:05
  • No meetings! (except monday) - 19:05
  • Hiring for tech passion and cultural fit - 20:55
  • Tools for marketing, CRM and sales - 21:27
  • Data versus vision for driving product development - 23:55
  • 'Feature creep' and keeping it simple for target audience - 26:25
  • Choosing investors & managing the relationship - 27:40

People and Companies Mentioned


Producer - Michael Walters

Big thank you to my producer Michael Walters for feedback and sound editing.