Darius Cheung

Episode 1 - Darius Cheung @ 99.co

I am very excited to launch Digital Frontiers as one of the few if not only podcast focused on digital innovation in Southeast Asia. The purpose of this podcast is to share conversations that founders often have in the ecosystem that are more tactical and give deeper context to the execution of a startup or project.

There is no better guest to feature in the first episode than Darius Cheung. Darius is a veteran of the Singapore startup scene with a few exists, most notable Tencube to McAfee in 2010.  Darius and I cover a lot of topics including: recruiting, culture, sales, and the Singapore startup ecosystem.

This podcast is sponsored by: The Working Capitol (Singapore‚Äôs premier Co-Working Space for Knowledge Workers) . We produced and recorded Startup Frontiers at The Working Capitol. Every guest on the show is impressed with the space and facilities.  This is not just office space, they are building a community here.  If you are looking to start your team or relocate, put The Working Capitol on your list. www.theworkingcapitol.com   

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Show Notes

  • "Sales Cures All" - 2:20
  • Culture Issues? - 3:20
  • How Darius turned around Tencube (Distribution vs. Enterprise accounts)  - 5:06
  • Consistent growth and direction outweighs the lofty goal - 6:15
  • Key to survival - timing and persistence - 7:15
  • Lessons from tencube and Billpin when starting 99.co - 7:35
  • 50% of the battle for good culture is recruiting right people - 8:15
  • Other 50% to culture success - 8:45
  • Startup Ecosystem - critical networking events - 10:20
  • What does the startup ecosystem need?- 12:12
  • What stage is 99.co focusing on now for growth? - 15:50
  • User Acquisition Strategies - 17:30
  • What growth strategies work specifically in Singapore? - 18:13
  • Content strategy? - 19:17
  • The challenges of raising funds. Where would you start? - 22:00
  • Private investors - 23:50
  • Real Estate Tech Scene - 26:00
  • Methodologies and Frameworks - How to balance them -28:15
  • What keeps you up at night? - 29:00
  • Rapid Fire Questions - 31:30

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Producer: Michael Walters

Big thank you to my producer Michael Walters for feedback and sound editing.