Episode 7 - Joseph Ziegler @ Muru-D

On the show this week, we have Joseph Ziegler from muru-D Singapore where he currently operates as the Entrepreneur in Residence. Telstra backed muru-D recently announced it's first accelerator class in Singapore, with 9 founders receiving funding. 

We sat down with Joseph prior to the announcement to discuss his thoughts on the evolution of the Singapore start-up ecosystem, consumer vs enterprise start-ups, where to get the best coffee in Singapore, and much more.

If you're interested in the start-up scene, currently working at an established corporate and looking to make that leap to founder, this is an episode not to miss.

Select companies Mentioned In The Episode:

Show Notes:

  • The difference between an accelerator, incubator, VC, and ventrue builder
  • Consumer vs enterprise focus for a start-up
  • The evolution of the Singapore ecosystem
  • Start-up advantages of Singapore as regional hub for Tech and FMCG companies
  • Growing a start-up in South East Asian markets by leveraging country specific advantages
  • Details of the muru-D accelerator programme in Singapore
  • The persona of a founder - making that leap

Episode 6 - Alexis Horowitz-Burdick @ Luxola

We are excited to be talking to our first female founder Alexis Horowitz-Burdick this week. Alexis is the founder and CEO of, the number one online destination for beauty products in South East Asia.

Alexis discusses her transition from first successful exit, and the unique approach taken to build and launch her current venture We then dive into how hiring the right people at startups evolves as the company grows, and finally strategies for organic growth through search engine marketing.

After recording this episode Luxola has recently been acquired by Sephora and parent company LVMH, which has been viewed as a very positive step in the Singapore startup ecosystem.

Companies Mentioned In The Episode:

Show Notes:

  • Why Alexis started
  • What lessons from your previous venture did you take into Luxola?
  • In the context of content marketing, what is your current strategy?
  • What was your starting strategy for user acquisition?
  • How did you reach MVP, initial tracking and funding?
  • What were the next major hires after the CTO?
  • What the characteristics of these hires?
  • What's your take on startup 'culture'?
  • What are you core KPIs?
  • Are you acquiring new users organically, what is your SEO development?
  • Is your search engine marketing in-house or agency based?
  • What tools do you use to organise yourself?

Episode 5 - Steven Goh

This week we are joined by Steven Goh the founder and CEO of mig, a global digital media company that is probably best known for it's chat application migme. On the show we cover Steven's early career in banking, his thoughts on fund raising, Taylor Swift's online presence, and the Singapore startup environment.

Show Notes:

  • Tell us the story about how you got into entrepreneurship?
  • When did you start your first business?
  • How did you juggle coding and management?
  • At what point in the growth of mig did you decided to raise money in Silicon Valley?
  • When making the move to Singapore, what was the core product value at that time?
  • What was the company culture at the time of the move?
  • What are the personality differences between the valley and the MNC hires you made in Singapore?
  • Knowing what you know today, what is your advice for fund raising?
  • Where regionally is the best to raise money?
  • What's your day to day like?
  • What market excites you the most for mig?
  • How are you monetising mig right now?
  • Have you played around with the recent video live streaming platforms e.g. Meerkat, Periscope, etc.?