Richard Pierson

Episode 3 - Richard Pierson @Headspace

Our third episode stars Richard Pierson the co-founder of Headspace. Headspace offers what has been described as a “Gym Membership for the mind”. With millions of members Headspace teaches people about daily meditation and mindfulness. The daily ritual of meditation is regularly referenced as a common habit amongst successful people. Everyone from Tim Ferriss to Arnold Scwhartzenager says meditation is in their morning ritual.

This podcast is sponsored byThe Working Capitol (Singapore’s premier Co-Working Space for Knowledge Workers) . We produced and recorded Startup Frontiers at The Working Capitol. Every guest on the show is impressed with the space and facilities.  This is not just office space, they are building a community here.  If you are looking to start your team or relocate, put The Working Capitol on your list.   

Selected Links From The Episode

Show Notes:

  • Failure to get chilli crab in Singapore  0:20
  • 'Gym membership for the mind' 0:45
  • How did you make the decision to jump into Headspace 03:15
  • Having space to leverage your existing network 5:02
  • Unless it's hard and bit scary, you probably aren't doing it in the right way 8:03
  • Mindfulness - 'the act of being present' 9:00
  • Juxtaposition between iphone as a distraction device and Headspace 12:00
  • 'Get some, give some', the impact on mind health 16:00
  • Getting to the first million users 18:15
  • The role of a co-founder 21:15
  • Leveraging OKRs at Headspace 22:30
  • On boarding and getting lost in the digital melee 25:45



Producer - Michael Walters

Big thank you to my producer Michael Walters for feedback and sound editing.